The following national & State Health Programmers are implemented in SIMS : -

•  Universal Immunization Programmer

Immunization facility is available free of cost. The Dist Medical & Health Officer is providing Vaccines such as BCG, DPT,TT,DT, Polio, Measles etc. Under Vip free of cost.

•  Pulse Polio Programmer

Pulse polio programme has been implemented. RHC Nursing has provided the Polio drops.

•  National T.B. Control Programme

The Dist. T.B.Control officer is Providing Anti TB drugs free of cost which are being given to TB patients freely. As per the advice of the W.H.O Adviser Dr.Ram Babu, a Medical Officer and a Technician & treatment organizer have undergone training for one week under N.T.C.P.

•  Family Welfare Programme

Proposal have been submitted and orders are under issue at DM & Ho R.R. Dist Office, recognizing Shadan Hospital as a service centre under F.W.P for providing Incentives to acceptors of Sterilization and supplying necessary material.

•  Sukhibhava & Vande Matram Schemes

 Necessary arrangements are being made to implement above schemes in SIMS under which financial help to poor Ante - natal Cases and free supply of "Iron with Folic Acid Tablets, Ing. T.T. and oral pills etc. Will be made.

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