Department of Forensic Medicine

Dept. Sl. No. Names M/F Designation Qualifications Date of Birth Date of Joining
01 Dr. B Jagan Mohan M Professor MBBS, MD 10/10/63 01/12/05
02 Dr. Syed Liaqatullah Jaweed M Professor-2/1 in lieu of Associate Professor MBBS, MD 15/01/52 01/11/09
03 Dr. Mohd Iqbal Moinuddin M Tutor MBBS 10/04/71 31/10/15
04 Dr. Syed Nooruddin Mahmood M Tutor MBBS 01/03/52 01/02/16
05 Dr. Mohd Abdul Rafeeq M Tutor MBBS 05/03/54 02/05/16
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